The Evolution of Modern Dev/Test Labs in the DevOps World

If you’re developing software of any kind, you inevitably need to test it somewhere before you deploy to production. “I’ll just spin up a VM,” you say. This might work initially in small shops – but even if you don’t have onerous red tape, you’re eventually going to run out of resources (like host machines, RAM or space). So you’ll have to have someone who can shut down or decommission unused test machines. And what about performance testing? What if you wanted to test your application with 100 machines for just 1 day? You’d have to get a lot of tin that would sit idle for most of the time, just so that you have some capacity when you need it. So what other options do you have? Continue reading “The Evolution of Modern Dev/Test Labs in the DevOps World”

How Database Administration Fits into DevOps

The Agile Consortium International and Unicom are organizing the DevOps Summit Brussels 2016 on February 4 in Brussels, Belgium. InfoQ will cover this event.

Dan North will talk about how database administration fits into the world of DevOps at the DevOps Summit Brussels. InfoQ interviewed him about the activities that are performed by database administrators and how they are related to those done by developers and by operations, how database administration is usually organized, how the database fits into DevOps or Continuous Delivery, and what he expects that the future will bring for database administration when organizations adopt DevOps. Continue reading “How Database Administration Fits into DevOps”

DevOps Application Release and Deploy for Managers: The Payoff is Worth the Pursuit

By Peter Spung  (Credited to IBM DeveloperWorks Peter Spung)

Organizations that pursue DevOps application deployment automation and release management achieve significant payoff on their investment. These payoffs take two forms: operational payoffs, and economic outcome payoffs.2 Both of these types of payoffs are critical to the viability of the growing DevOps movement. As discussed in my first blog entry in this series, without a clear economic return to managers and organization leaders, the white-hot DevOps movement will cool and interest will wane. Continuing to add momentum and heat to the movement is an organization’s purpose of pursuing DevOps: delivering software based innovation and efficiency gains which is an organizational imperative worth pursuing, as discussed in my second blog post in this series. Continue reading “DevOps Application Release and Deploy for Managers: The Payoff is Worth the Pursuit”

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